Join us on Thursday, February 18, 2021, for National Drink Wine Day! As you know, we love our wine just as much as we love our pizza and pasta. Bring your friends or your family out to celebrate with us.

National Wine Day is held every year on February 18 and this year it happens to land on a Thursday! Get your weekend started early by having a glass or bottle of wine with us. Did you know wine has been a staple in human culture since its invention in 7000 BC? Some ancient societies enjoyed their wine so much, they even worshipped it! There are hundreds of types of wine produced all over the world so there’s an endless variety to choose from. What type of wine is your favorite? Do you change the type of wine you drink when the seasons change or stick with one type all year long?


At Georgina’s, we have a wide variety of wines to choose from. Our selection is made up of wines from California, Italy, Argentina, and New Zealand! Our favorite white wine we’re loving right now is the Trinity Oaks Chardonnay. This is a medium-bodied, lightly oaked, citrus wine that pairs well with seafood and chicken. Another plus to Trinity Oaks is that every bottle sold a tree is planted closer to the equator. The red wine we are crushing on this month is the Piccini Chianti from Italy. It’s soft, smooth, and well balanced with gentle tannins with light cherry fruit. This pairs well with our pasta, chicken, and pizza.

Check out our full wine menu here. Be sure to make a plan with your family and friends to join us on Thursday, February 18. Make your reservations in advance as we are still at a limited capacity at this time. We can’t wait to see you soon!