We worked hard to serve our customers throughout the pandemic. You counted on us, and we were there. Now we need your help.

Like many small businesses, restaurants all across the country are undergoing severe staffing shortages. This is forcing many to shut their doors for good. Despite our efforts, Georgina’s is severely short staffed as well.

So how can you help? We’re glad you asked!

There’s actually a few ways you can help support us and help us keep our doors open for you. Georgina’s is hiring for virtually every position. We are looking for dependable, experienced team players who want to help us treat you, our customers, the way you deserve to be treated. That is important for every member of the Georgina’s family from Dishwashers to Drivers and everyone in between. Should you know anyone seeking steady employment in a family-friendly atmosphere, please send them our way. They can apply at http://georginasrestaurantnc.com/jobs or stop by the restaurant.

Next, we ask that you consider the staffing crisis that we and our fellow small business owners are facing. Owners are having to step into every single role on any given day, sometimes at a moment’s notice. This in and of itself is challenging, to say the least, and unfortunately it can compromise the service you deserve. Here at Georgina’s, we’ve been blessed with hundreds of rave reviews for many years. We definitely aim to please, but we’re not perfect. That’s why we love your feedback. It gives us the chance to improve, and to right any wrongs with you. The best way to help us to do that is on our own Reviews Page.

We understand your frustration when your service is not what you’ve become accustomed to, and in fact, our frustration is at least ten-fold. We are asking you to show small business owners support and compassion. If you’ve had a less than perfect experience, please consider “hitting the pause button” before writing up poor reviews or negative comments. Give them the chance to fix what’s wrong, but understand we are all working extra hard to make up the difference of our staff shortages. We hope to get back to normal just like everyone else. We hope to earn your continued patronage, so please… help us help you.

So if your food takes a little longer, or your server doesn’t make it back to your table as quickly as you’d need, just remember that we are all doing our best. Thank you for your patience and anticipated assistance.

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