Happy New Year! We’re so excited for 2021. As we start the year, we know many of you have new goals and resolutions. If one of your goals is to get healthy this year, we have you covered. There are several menu options to choose from that will still keep you on track.

Our Salads

If you have not tried our salads yet, you have been missing out! The Cranberry Spinach Salad is very popular for the health-conscious customer. Add any of our protein selections to your salad for a more filling option. Try it with our House Balsamic Dressing or Oil and Vinegar.

Our Soups

With the colder season upon us, our soups are the perfect way to stay warm and healthy throughout the season. Our Italian Wedding Soup is a staple here at Georgina’s but we also rotate our soups seasonally just for you! Easily take our soups home with you in either a pint or quart.

Our Pizzas

Going healthy doesn’t mean you have to give up you’re beloved pizza! We now offer cauliflower pizza crust. Did you know cauliflower is low in calories but very nutritious? It’s high in fiber which helps reduce inflammation and promote digestive health. Not only is it good for you, but ours is also delicious.

Our Entrees

When you are craving one of our famous entrees, we suggest coming to lunch for our lunch portions!

We look forward to seeing you in the New Year! We thank you for your continued support. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2021.