Georginas Pizzeria Cary Morrisville Trinity Park Church Thank You

Thank you to Trinity Park Church for supporting us and our neighboring Walmart employees! The parishioners of the church pooled money together to purchase 40 $10 gift cards to hand out to the employees at Walmart (next door to us) who are working during this time.

Looking for Ways You Can Help the Community?

R City Rocks Georginas Pizzeria Cary Morrisville

At Georgina’s Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant, we are proud to partner with R City Rocks! The mission of R City Rocks is to help businesses and nonprofits build mutually beneficial relationships while enabling people to help nonprofits they care about with their purchases.

As our community’s businesses face hardship and nonprofits cancel fundraisers while serving those in need, your purchases matter more now than ever.

After you order from us, text your receipt to a nonprofit, and we will donate 5% of your bill!

20% of Your Purchases Go to the Nonprofit You Choose

So how does it work? All you have to do is text your receipt from Georgina’s to a nonprofit of your choice from the list provided here. We will then donate 5% of your purchase to that nonprofit. All donations are matched by Roofwerks, John Tudor State Farm, and A to Z Pharmacy.

List of Non-Profits